Co-extrusion White POE Film_Betterial

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Co-extrusion White POE Film
Co-extrusion White POE Film
Co-extrusion White POE Film

The B602MW series, developed by Betterial, is a POE & EVA co-extrud-ed adhesive film designed for use in the encapsulation of double-glass solar PV modules. The B602MW white co-extruded POE film exhibits unique high reflectivity, enhancing the module's effective utilization of visible light, thereby contributing to increased power generation capacity. Additionally, this product addresses the issue of white film overflow after module lamination and maintains-a high reflectance retention rate, along with low peel strength degradation.

Product Description

Application Areas and Section:

PERC、TOPCON single/double glass photovoltaic module.

Main Technical Indicators:

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