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Ceramic Silicone Tape
Ceramic Silicone Tape
Ceramic Silicone Tape

Ceramic silicone tape is a new material made of high-strength special fiber cloth and special silicone gel. This product is featured by excellent electrical insulation, fire resistance, high/low temperature resistance and aging resistance. 

Product Description

Functions and Product Features:

Compared with traditional battery protection materials, this material is ultra-thin, environmentally-friendly and super fire resistant. Apart from halogen free, toxic free and odorless, the product also has low salt spray concentration. The combustion residue is ceramic-like crust with good insulation and pressure resistance. The material is able to withstand an open flame of 1200℃ and has excellent fire resistance performance.

Application Areas and Section:

It is an ideal material for insulation and fire protection of new energy batteries.

Main Technical Indicators:

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