Betterial_Innovative R&Ds

Based on The Main Business of New Energy, Develop Innovative Products in Diversified Application Fields
Photovoltaic Application Products and Technical Routes

Thermoplastic PO film B606 for crystalline silicon cell Encapsulation


EVA film for Heterojunction encapsulant

EVA composite encapsulating film B605 for BIPV encapsulation

Thermoplastic PO film B606 Perovskite thin-film cell encapsulation


Black infrared reflective encapsulant film B601R

Second generation soft white film B601WM

Super anti-PID EVA encapsulant film B601S


Optimized double-glass pre-crosslinked white EVA and second-generation POE encapsulation film

Hot melt light curing encapsulation film B603


Second-generation POE film B602M for bifacial Multi-busbar PV modules


Double glass pre-crosslinked white EVA film B601W


Second-generation POE film B602 for bifacial modules


High reflective white EVA encapsulation film B601W


Anti-PID type EVA encapsulation film B601HP


High transmittance EVA encapsulation film B601H


Fast cross-linking EVA encapsulation film B601


Standard curing EVA encapsulation film B601

Strong Technical Capabilities
  • Hundreds of Patented Technologies
    48 authorized invention patents
    153 authorized utility model patents
  • Perfect Management System

    ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification

    ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System Certification

    GB/T45001:2020 Health & Safety Management System Certification

    GB/T29490-2013 Intellectual Property Management System Certification

    GB/T23001-2017 Integration of information and industrialization Management System Certification

    SA8000:2014 Social Responsibility Management System Certification

    IATF 16949:2016 Quality Management System Certification

  • Sound Qualification Certification
  • Industry Influence

    CPIA Director Unit

    CPIA Standardization Technical Committee Member

    ECOPV PV Recycle Industry Development Center Member

    CPIA Standardization Technical Committee Perovskite Field Standard Working Group Member

    China Association of Manufacturers of Polyester Film Member

Five Core Technologies
  • Multi-layer Composite Extrusion Equipment and Process
    The thickness tolerance between different layers is ±5% on the width of a 2.6m mold, and the polyester materials (PET, PEN, PCT, PETg) above 800 microns can be stretched and formed through the adjustment of the horizontal zipper. Through online coating, product adhesion, anti-static, anti-reflection and anti-blocking effects can be improved, thus extending product performance.
  • Adjusting Optical Property of Encapsulating Material
    By adjusting the refractive index of the resin, the encapsulant film with higher transmittance is prepared to allow more light to pass through. Wider reflection angle and high reflection encapsulatnt film enable more light to reflect on the cell. The down-converted encapsulant film converts ultraviolet light into visible light, to maintain high fluorescence intensity after aging.
  • Reactive Grafting of Resin
    Reactive grafting of the resin promotes the further transformation of traditional resins by melt grafting. Laboratory evaluation of thermoplastic TPO encapsulating films has been completed, and TPO resins have been jointly developed with partner companies.
  • Chemical Synthesis Technology
    Film-grade polyimide resin with high transmittance and low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) has been synthesized, which is suitable for casting and re-stretching. In the structure of diacids and dianhydrides, new monomers are designed and derived. Strong electronegative groups, alicyclic, large substituted groups, asymmetric and rigid non-coplanar structures are introduced into the monomers to improve light transmittance and heat resistance. The structural of acid anhydride are designed with bisphenol A as the main body to improve the processability and toughness of the membrane film material.
  • Flexible Device Encapsulation
    By lamination combination of moisture-blocking, super-tough and weather-resistant MPET film/encapsulating film, composite film with high bending and high impact modulus, as well as better peel strength, and an impact-resistant with low attenuation after aging has been developed, which can replaces PVB, SGP and is applied for BIPV. Encapsulating solution for Thin-film batteries and perovskite batteries have passed the first-level evaluation and cooperate with major clients to advance step by step, and one-step encapsulant solution will be achieved in the future.
New Technology Guider
  • Through the migration of organosilicon compound to the interface layer of coextruded E/P/E multilaye film, the binder layer of EPE coextruded film is formed by in-situ UV irradiation polymerization, which greatly improves the interlayer peeling force between EVA and POE encapsulation film.
  • Effect,such as Light transmittance of the transparent encapsulant film,larger reflection angle of the white film, and high transmission diffusion can be improved.Higher reflective and power gain white film, optical matt diffusion film and other products based on the high reflective EVA encapsulating film are developed.
  • On the one hand, it reduces the release of ions and acetate ions. On the other hand, it increases the capture technology of free ions and acetate ions. And then, anti-PID EVA encapsulation film products for bifacial cell encapsulating, which can reduce corrosion and ion deposition after aging, can be acquired.
  • It effectively improve the adhesion to high surface energy and low surface energy material, such as PTFE, ETFE, PVDF, PP, metal, metal oxide, coating and other materials that have large differences in surface energy, including heterojunction cell encapsulation, perovskite encapsulation, thin-film cell encapsulation.
  • Different curing behaviors can be adjusted by microcapsules release curing agent. Thermal cross-linking sensitivity during low-temperature extrusion is reduced, and curing agent released from the capsule during high-temperature lamination can promote the cross-linking rate quickly, and then the efficiency of module encapsulation is improved. At present, Betterial 's equipment has a maximum extrusion speed of 13 m/min, and stable production of 10 m/min, which is higher than the industry average of 8 m/min. The customized development of formulation, and screws have increased the speed of the film production line.
Betterial New Materials Research Institute

After years of exploration and precipitation, Betterial has successively cooperated with Sichuan University, University of Science and Technology of China, Changzhou University, Harbin Institute of Technology and other universities to establish a material research and development center and a new material research institute - Betterial New Materials Research Institute, which has a Jiangsu provincial-level polymer material R&D laboratory. Betterial increases independent R&D and technology introduction, forms its own core technology from basic technical processes to product industry innovation, and ultimately improves the core competitiveness of the company.

At present, Betterial has established strategic cooperative relationships with Xihua University, Southeast University, and the Wuxi Research Institute of Harbin Institute of Technology, etc., to strengthen industry-university-research cooperation and technical exchanges. It has conducted product certification tests by third-party authoritative testing institutions TUV Rheinland and UL to provide guarantees for technological innovation and won the National High-tech Enterprise Center award.As of June 30, 2023, Betterial has obtained a total of 215 domestic patent authorization, including 48 invention patents, 153 utility model patents, and 1 overseas patent authorization.
While continuing to develop photovoltaic film products, Betterial has also made great achievements in optical encapsulating technology in recent years. In 2020, Betterial’s R&D Laboratory of Optical Encapsulating Techology has been certified as Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Center of Flexible Display and Lighting New Material by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology.